Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 1

Last Day at ACC
(Treatment Week 2)
Dumplin arrived at the ACC on April 9th and he came home with me on April 15th, so he is starting his second week of treatment. I have been told that he has already improved over the past week (dear lord he must have been bad when he first arrived).

Hangin' at Velo Cafe
He is currently on Clavamox (antibiotics) twice a day; 3 Rimadyl once a day for pain and inflammation and Advantage Multi once a week for the demodex. We took him to Velo cafe on the way home, he seemed ok and well enough to 'beg' for food as we ate. This is a good sign.
His skin is really bad, particularly on the underside of this belly, all 4 legs and on his head. That is called 'generalized mange.' It's quite raw in a lot of places, puss-ing, foul odor, obviously he has bacterial and maybe other secondary infections.

He eats well, however, and takes treats and drinks water. He whines if he needs to go potty; he doesn't like to go inside so much.

He doesn't like the stairs but tolerates it to get out and he hates his cone. Without it he will scratch his head which has very bad scabs and it will bleed.

Monday morning 9am was the soonest vet appointment I could get. It can't come soon enough.


  1. this story is amazing. i went down the entire page and read everything. i'm an avid dog lover and this absolutely breaks my heart to see a dog in this much pain, but only to be saved by a kind, caring human being. you are amazing for taking care of this puppy. hopefully, i will be able to do the same when i get out of college :)

  2. Loved your story. It was hard to see him like that brought tears to my eyes. I have three rescue dogs and love them with all my heart. It was very heartwarming seeing his healing progress. Thank you for sharing your story