Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 4 - Vet Visit #1

Another shitty day.

Vet's visit this morning at 9 at the awesome Park Animal Hospital. The whole ordeal of getting into the car, to the vets, skin scrapings, and getting back home was a bit traumatic.

Vet (Dr. Scott) says the main issue is actually bacterial and yeast skin infections as a result of the untreated mange. He is 24 lbs and emaciated. He stinks because of the yeast infection.

He is on a plethora of medication. She says he will look much better in just 2 weeks, but 2 months of solid treatment to 'get better.'

He had a good feed when he got home and lots of pills, and is now passed out.

He got a new larger, softer cone so he can't eat at his legs, and he loathes it even more than the other one. He basically refuses to move anywhere. But, I think today I can finally see a little improvement.. some parts of his legs are drying up juust a little.

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