Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 3

He got up this morning and peed and was shuffling around for a little bit. I was awoken by that, and got up (6am), gave him his morning antibiotics and painkillers, and fed him. He ate well. I took all 3 out. He pooped and peed immediately. He really didn't want to take the stairs back up, but will follow the other two dogs, or treats. He then drank a lot of water.

His legs are bleeding and cracked. His face looks ok.

He is sleeping now (7:35am). He tends to shiver, I don't know from pain or cold, but I put a towel over him when he sleeps now and it seems to stop the shivering.

I figure as long as he keeps eating he wants to live. We'll get him there. I'm sure his legs will need gauze and bandages. To the vets tomorrow morning!

This morning I washed everything he'd been lying on which was crusted with puss and dead skin. He then moved into Chloe's crate around 11am on the fresh bedding and slept fitfully for a number of hours, shaking and hiccuping and awakening periodically, but now he's fast asleep (5:10pm) and looks comfortable. Phew.

Sunday AM April 17th
(When compared to his original pic taken last week while he was at the ACC, I can actually see mild, but distinct improvement around his eye area.)

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