Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going Home

Dumpling's life experience has changed so much in a year. From a lot of pain and discomfort; raw, bleeding, scabby skin; multiple infections, all the while facing imminent euthanasia, to a new life with so many pleasures; chasing lacrosse balls, chewing shoes (only once, but it was brand new), playing with his best dog friend, Guy, barking at pesky skateboarders and his favorite--snuggling. Or maybe food is his favorite, he's not sure.

Anyways, the main news is that, after living with Guy and I for one year, I am very excited that a wonderful home has come forward and is now moving through the adoption process for Mister Dumpling. YAY.

It took a while, but these things take time. 

Thanks Dumpling for being such an inspiration and for staying alive. May you bring your new home lots of joy. We'll miss you.