Thursday, April 26, 2012

Going Home

Dumpling's life experience has changed so much in a year. From a lot of pain and discomfort; raw, bleeding, scabby skin; multiple infections, all the while facing imminent euthanasia, to a new life with so many pleasures; chasing lacrosse balls, chewing shoes (only once, but it was brand new), playing with his best dog friend, Guy, barking at pesky skateboarders and his favorite--snuggling. Or maybe food is his favorite, he's not sure.

Anyways, the main news is that, after living with Guy and I for one year, I am very excited that a wonderful home has come forward and is now moving through the adoption process for Mister Dumpling. YAY.

It took a while, but these things take time. 

Thanks Dumpling for being such an inspiration and for staying alive. May you bring your new home lots of joy. We'll miss you.


  1. Great story!! Good job

    Nate, Azusa Ca,

  2. This makes me happy, amazing what love and care will do - thanks for taking care of Dumpling =)

  3. We are going thru the process of healing our 8 mo. Old puppy from mange. He's lost most of his beautiful reddish brown fur, had the bloody, swollen paws and face. We're treating him the holistic way of grain free food and adding suppliments of sardines,flax,diamacious earth, unfiltered honey,coconut oil and a few other items. What did u do to treat Dumpling and how long did it take to clear up. We're at the 2 month mark.