Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 24 - Tyrant!

"Look at me, I'm so cute...."  Very cute and very naughty! Chewing plant pots, plants, wicker baskets, books, garbage. He likes to bark too! It's good to see him acting like a normal pup and getting into mischief.  He snores so loudly I had to move him to another room last night because he kept waking me up!

Guy and Dumpling going at it.

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  1. Have you been told of using Promeris for Demodex? After battling it for 14 years with my girl and trying anything and everything...and vets telling me she has the worst case they've ever seen.....Promeris has WORKED!! She will never be cured of it at this point, but she now has virtually no infections and a full body of hair - more than she has had since I adopted her before her first episode of demodex!

    Good luck, Dumplin'!!